Is Riding A Bike Good For Bad Knees?

bikes good for knee painIs it smart to ride a bicycle if you have painful knee problems? If you think that you cannot do cardio and leg exercises because you have aching knees, then you’re in for a surprise.

It is a logical question to ask, yet as it turns out, riding a bike is definitely a good thing to do to help bad knees get better.  This discover is supported by decades of medical and university level research.

The odd thing about this discovery is that with most other injuries or physical health problems doctors normally will tell you to avoid strenuous activities. It makes sense that if a part of your body is causing you pain that you should avoid using it.

Well, it’s totally different with knee joints. In fact the opposite is true. To get your knee more healthy so you have to deal with less pain you need to exercise them.

Let’s explorer the facts behind why bicycling is the most beneficial way to exercise and improve the health of your knee joints.


Knockout Knee PainAll the medical institution studies and reports I’ve read says the best way to help your bad knees to get better is to use them! This means even if your knee joints hurt the worst thing you can do is to become physically inactive because that will make the problem worse, not better!

Dr. Michael Smith says in an article on that cycling is the ideal exercise because of the way the intensity can be adjusted for the level of cardio exercise needed for anyone including beginners. His statement was reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD, who is a primary care sports medicine physician at Family Practice Center Atlanta.

Based on this information the doctors agree that you can do plenty of fun fat-burning exercises to keep your knees in proper shape with the use of a low impact exercise such as biking. Low impact exercise is the most favorable exercise for people with osteoarthritis and other type of knee joint pains.

You may need to use a high quality knee brace or knee compression sleeve to help support and protect your knee joints even when doing low impact exercises such as bicycling. But with or without the knee support these exercises are can be fun and easy to do:

  • Swimming
  • Bicycling
  • Walking

These three exercises are less stressful for weight bearing joints. These exercises, especially bicycling, can keep your spine, knee, feet, hips and ankle in shape.

cyclists and bicycles

When it comes to cycling, Lauren Shroyer, MS, senior director of product development at the American Council on Exercise,  provides us with some of her expert tips. Shroyer adivices that you should always check with your doctor before starting any type of new exercise. Shroyer also says to take it slow in the beginning and be aware of what your body is telling you. If you feel pain and think you need to stop and rest then do so.

It’s okay and reasonable to start with five and ten minutes of cycling on low resistance levels if need be. The maximum Shroyer suggest is about 30 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic exercise per week, five times per week. You should not exercise so hard that you cannot carry on a conversation while exercising. Yes, your breathing rate will increase but not to a point where you cannot have a conversation she says.

Outdoor cycling: 

protect gear for biking

When it comes to traditional bicycling, Shroyer reminds you to be sure to protect yourself from possible injury by using safety gear such as a helmet and other protective gear you may need such as knee pads. You need to make the best decisions to protect yourself from possible injury.

Benefits of riding a traditional bicycle or a stationary bike for bad knees:

The stationary bike workout option is safer than other kinds of gym machines. If you cannot go outside for bicycling, then you should spend up to an hour in the gym by doing a stationary bike ride.

There are so many benefits or advantages that you will enjoy if you have a bad knee health problem. If you have severe knee pain, then you should do exercise. This goes against what many people might think. The reason is that when you use your knee joints and it keeps them flexible and viable.

When you don’t use your knees you can liken it to a wheel and axle rusting and becoming harder and harder to operate the way they were designed because of none use.

On the other hand, proper, low impact exercise can give you the best benefits. Actually, you are not alone in this case. There are 18% of men and 25.9% of women who suffer with osteoarthritis as reported by In America that is about 27 million people You can greatly reduce your unhealthy condition simply by being committed to weekly exercises. Knee arthritis in Americans has doubled since 1940 and that number seems to keep climbing as reported by 

To help prevent the negative health effects of this trend low impact exercise is one of the best preventive measures you can do for your bad knees. Based on the research at the US governments’ Center for Disease Control And Prevention.


Boost up the cardio fitness by low joint impact cycling:

Mountain cycling,

Here is what the experts at the Center for Disease Control And Prevention had to say, in part below:

Cycling is one of the best way to keep your heart pumping for extended periods of time. Cycling is essential for heart and knees health as well overall good health. Cycling comes under the cardiovascular and aerobic exercises.

This type of cardio exercise can easily strengthen your muscles of your lungs. Because of this, bicycling can also be very helpful in order to improve the flow of the oxygen and blood in the overall body.

There are so many advantages to a cycling routine.

Here are just a few:

  • Improved the memory and brain function
  • You will get the better sleep as well
  • You can easily lower your blood pressure by doing regular cycling
  • You will eventually get a stronger immune system as part of your overall better conditioning
  • You will get more and more energy to make daily task easier to accomplish
  • You can lower your stress as well helping you to have a happier attitude
  • Burn the body fat and weight loss

Stationary Bike For Low Impact Workout:
stationary exercise bike
Riding a stationary bike can give you a low impact workout option. It is the best option for you to reduce the knee pain and you can also strengthen the bone muscles and joints without applying too much pressure on them. If you have joint issues you can practice this workout regularly.

By riding the stationary bike, or a normal bicycle, you can easily build strength in your legs and knees. The pedaling action and workout can help us to strengthen your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and all. You can practice regular cycling in order strengthen your body part and body muscles as well. Through cycling, you can strengthen your triceps, biceps and shoulder as well.

If you have a bad knee health, then doing high impact exercises such as jogging jogging, running and jumping may be too painful to do. You can simply avoid these types of exercises altogether or do them less often as your knees allow but as a routine you can utilize bicycling and still get a high level cardio exercise.

You can do the workout on the stationary bike. Your feet do not lift off the pedals in case of stationary bike. So, this is a kind option for your knee joint. You can practice this effective and challenging workout.

I suffered with the bad knee health for years. My doctor advised me to stop jogging and switch to a low impact exercise. After that I practiced walking and the use of a stationary bike. And yes, my knee pain was reduced just by staying active.

Here are some bike options that will help guide you to finding the options that can work best for you:


Folding bike for knee pain:

folding bike
This stationary bike is very much helpful. You can easily store it anywhere as it can be folded properly. See the reviews at Amazon to help you determine if this might be a good fit for you.

  • You can get so many features with this bike:
  • You can save your storage with this stationary bike
  • This bike is quite convenient as well
  • You can get the smooth design and advanced and quite operation with this bike
  • You will get the hand plus sensor and LCD screen as well
  • You can get the easy fold ability option
  • The price is also reasonable than other kinds of bikes

Recumbent exercise bike:

This type of stationary bike is comfortable and smooth. Checkout the reviews over at Amazon and I believe you will enjoy so many benefits with this bike.

These are some of them:

  • The design of this bike is smooth and sturdy
  • You will get the compact design as well
  • This bike is very much lightweight
  • You can get the backrest facility here
  • This type of bike is excellent for bad knee problem
  • The counterbalanced pedals will be very much helpful for knee pain


Outdoor Recumbent Bicycle:

The difference between an recumbent bike and an upright stationary bike.

This literally comes down to a recumbent bike usually having a wider seat for better comfort but also that they seat is position in an inclined position. An upright stationary bike has a smaller seat and is positioned over the frame of the bike so that you have access to handle bars.

While recumbent may be designed more for comfort while an upright bike design is often geared toward higher intensity cycling both provide a means of performing excellent low impact exercises.

In conclusion, you now know why this reverse healing method works for injured knees. If you had questions as to riding a bike is good for bad knees you know have your answer. By doing the opposite of what you would normally do for an injury using bicycling and a stationary bike riding workout can reduce the pain in your knees, back and spine as well.

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