My Victory Over Joint Pain Story: Welcome I’m Michael Littles the owner and operator of Over 35 and Healthy and this blog came about because of my three decade battle with both chronic back and knee pain. A battle that I eventually won as today I don’t have chronic pain in my knees or back up to 99% of the time!

With the success I enjoy with my own joint health I decided to share the solutions I’ve learned and experienced over my 30 years of ongoing research and experience. The main goal with this blog is helping you find the solution that is most likely to help you get relief from your chronic knee and back conditions just as I have done.

Not being a doctor myself, I turned to the experts in medicine, medical science and alternative medical solutions to find the answers I needed to get the best results. Learning, testing and applying the methods that were proven to work best from this research helped me to be able to live a normal life absent of constant back and knee pains.

What started me down this path was the fact that I unfortunately injured my lower back early in middle school playing United States style football. Later on, I tore my right knee ligaments in high school football and those two injuries totally changed my life for the worst.

I had knee surgery at age 17 but it was from the age of 16 that I was always in some level of pain from one or both of those injuries. In my mid forties, nearly 30 years after the injuries, it really angered me that after all the doctor visits, surgery, chiropractic care, and I can’t even remember how many chiropractic visits I had over the years.

Still, despite all of the professional care my chronic conditions didn’t improve to a point where I wasn’t dealing with some level of pain almost every day so I looked for alternatives to surgery and drugs to manage my conditions.

I decided to read all the case studies and scientific reports I could lay my eyes on so that I could find what would cause my knees to constantly swell and my back to continue to spasm and stiff up to near immobility. Most importantly I wanted to find a safe and proven method that I could use to make that pain and inflammation go away.

I’ve likely visited and study the research from hundreds of certified authority pages from highly recognized websites such as;

  • ninds.nih.gov 
  • medlineplus.gov
  • mayoclinic.org
  • webmd.com
  • healthcareglobal.com
  • health.com
  • emedicinehealth.com

This isn’t a full list of all the sites that I’ve gone to find expert information about chronic back and knee pain and that’s part of the problem – too much scattered information. Yet, through it all, I’ve been able to collect, understand and teach what works best when it comes to treating and preventing chronic joint pains.

There are so many small but important pieces of joint health information that gets buried in all of the pages of these medical websites that you’d likely never get exposed to it any other way other than this blog.

What all this means is that instead of you having to jump  from website to website and expert to expert trying to gather the best usable information I do my best to bring all the usable information together under one website to provide the best answers to your joint health questions. Then I go the extra step to actually help you use that information most effectively.

This blog is the central location where I share my knowledge so feel free to bookmark over35andhealthy.com and share it with the people you know.

Statistics show that some 80% of us either have back or knee conditions that we are dealing with or will have a chronic condition develop sometime in their life.

That’s a shockingly high number that really surprised me too but what it means is that likely 8 out to 10 people you know would appreciate having a centralized source of high quality and well researched information to go to and get the most useful answers to their joint health questions. 

That’s specifically why Over 35 And Healthy was created.